A reliable personal chef service for all you busy rich people


Are you TIRED of cooking for yourself? Do you NOT HAVE TIME? Are you just TOO LAZY TO COOK? Chef is here to save all of your issues. Here at Chef, we can cater to all dietary restrictions with our in-your-house made food. We also have a loyalty program, letting you get 10% off every 10 meals. Sound good? It gets better, if you invite a friend, both of you get a FREE MEAL on us!

Shane Matthews

I use Chef for a weekly break from reality. It's totally worth the $299.99/mo!!! It makes my day so much better to know I don't need to cook

Edward Tucker

They said I'd get a free month if I wrote a good review, so here ya go: Chef is a top-quality service for my $499/mo! It tastes delicious!

Dave Robertson

The white glove service that Chef offers is totally worth my thousand dollars a month. It is a beautiful system that makes my day amazing and freeing



Our Chefs can come to your house and cook or have it delivered to you.


Supports all diets

We can help you go vegan, lose weight, or even gain weight.


Loyalty Program

Every 10 meals you get 10% off! Also, if you invite your friends, you and your friend get a free meal*.

Started in 2019, Chef was created when a Chef wanted more work, so he started looking in the ever growing gig economy, but there was no freelance personal Chef apps! That's where Chef comes in.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Chef today!


This includes the basic cooking services once a week.


Great deal!

This includes the basic cooking services three times a week.


This includes white-gloved cooking services every day of the week.

*costs do not include ingredient purchasing costs